Major knee surgery

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Writing
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As luck would have it, I am currently laid up after some surgical work on my knee. This affords me ample time to do stuff like writing. And drinking coffee. Two activities I feel represent time well spent.

I also have time for watching re-runs of The Professionals (apparently quite a bit of which was filmed around Crouch End), chatting to the guy painting the house (also with a damaged knee; turns out once you get on the topic, pretty much everyone has a fucked up knee of one sort or another), fighting injustice from Barnet parking services, and similar things.

Mostly writing though.

I am currently working on my third novel. None of my novels have been published. I am hoping that some day one of them will be.

You can read the first bits of my other two novels here:

The Geek Manifesto  Chapts 1-3

House of Dreams  Chapts 1-3

if anyone like them and tells me they do, I”ll post the rest.

You can also follow one of the characters from The Geek Manifesto, Szandor Leroux, on Twitter. Or one of the characters from the novel I’m working on now, Voodoo Economics. She’s called Blake Savadra; she doesn’t say much at the moment, too busy with her art I guess. Szandor’s a little more chatty. See the links to the left.

  1. […] taken at The Whittington hospital where I went to have the stitches removed following my major knee surgery. […]

  2. […] the last one; the excitement of becoming a blogger waned a little, I had to go back to work after my knee operation, stuff like that), was some kind of metaphor for the trials of writing and of getting my first […]

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