Today, I didn’t buy olives.

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Writing

Today’s haiku:

Today I bought olives

I hadn’t planned to, but did

Oh well, they taste good.


I am trying not to spend money. This is more of a psychological challenge than a straight up financial necessity, although it’s also tied in with my ultimate goal to live “off the grid”.  But I’m taking it one step at a time, so today, it was just not buying olives.

Nearly. In the end I cracked and bought some of my favourites: Manzanilla olives. Then this got me thinking.

To be honest, this is exactly the kind of purchase that I’m trying to eliminate or at least to consider more thoughtfully. Here’s how my thinking goes:  I buy olives because I like to eat them, that’s one level. I buy olives with names like Manzanilla olives because I like to think of myself as knowledgeable and discerning about food. I had Manzanilla olives at a good restaurant once and have frequently sought them out since. I am aware there are probably some fairly complex psychosocial processes going on here. When I got home I looked up Manzanilla olives wanting to see what complicated appellation rules and procedures must be met to earn designation as a Manzanilla olive. Turns out it is a pretty generic term for, well basically olives. One website helpfully pointed out that they were Spanish olives, although not all olives fromSpain were Manzanilla olives and Manzanilla olives were grown in countries other thanSpain! So I had been seeking out, and doubtless paying over the odds for a brand of olive that was about as basic an olive as you can get.

That’s one point back to you flailing UK economy.


  1. hollyberrybrown says:

    Glossy black plump pearls
    Green fat ones stuffed with garlic
    Finger lickin’ good

    I too love olives and I too am trying not to buy “stuff”, it’s tough, Good luck!

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