Hey, idiot! What do you think?

Posted: January 25, 2012 in coffee, consumerism, crouch end, Writing
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Today I have bought KnackerBrod, Kanel Snacka and Choklad Kex.

Can you guess where I’ve been in order to buy such rare delicacies?

Here’s a clue: check out this picture of the coffee I had whilst I was there:

That’s right, Gothenburg!

Only kidding, Ikea. Don’t ask.

Am now having much better coffee in Crouch End central’s lovely Riley’s:

Still formatting House of Dreams for Smashwords. Publication could be as early as next week. You’re all going to buy it, right?

Following yesterday’s post on Internet-as-wild-animal-for-pet facilitator, I have decided to ask the Internet some other stupid questions. I have posted the following  questions on a well know Answers forum:

1. ‘Is it okay to eat worms?’

2.Is it worth chopping off my finger for the insurance money?

3. Can I save on air fares by packing myself in a box and sending myself through the mail?

I’ll let you know what deep wisdom I uncover.

Today’s haiku:

Sweden- land of snow.

I guess; I’ve never been there.

Maybe it’s quite warm?

  1. Which method do you recommend for distinguishing separate pages/chapters in manuscripts while formatting for Smashwords?

    • caljacobs says:

      Well, I haven’t got as far as uploading anything yet, so I don’t know if it will work, but I’ve done what the style guide says which is to get rid of the page breaks I had and just put in three hard returns at the end of every chapter. I notice on the Amazon KDP site though, it tells you to use page breaks. I was hoping they’d both want the same thing. But I guess that would just be too simple!

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