Running up that hill

Posted: March 17, 2012 in crouch end, Writing
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You might think from the title of today’s post (yeah yeah, I know it’s been a while since the last one; the excitement of becoming a blogger waned a little, I had to go back to work after my knee operation, stuff like that), was some kind of metaphor for the trials of writing and of getting my first novel ready for publication… but no!

I have actually been running up hills. A lot of them. Yesterday I ran up the hill to Alexandra Palace and back down again 5 times!

For what possible fucking reason, you idiot? I hear you cry. In 4 weeks time I will be running the Brighton Marathon (you can sponsor me here if you like for GOSH,  or here for my kids’school). And so running all over the bloody place is the order of the day. I ran home from work the other day, much to the hilarity of the kids in the school where I work; sheesh, you’d think they’d never seen one of their male teachers wearing tights. It did suddenly make my realise that perhaps all these years I’d been running, I did in fact look somewhat of a tit.

The e-publication of House of Dreams is still occupying all my spare time ( when I’m not running up stuff), and I’ve even lined up my good friend John ‘Mojo’ Mills (check out his hipster music mag… “I am Circulus!”) as my beta tester to see how it all looks as an e-book; John went to queue up yesterday at the Apple store in Regent Street for the new iPad 3. I haven’t seen him with his new toy yet; he may still be in the queue.


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