Brighton Marathon 2012 – bring on the ultra.

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Writing
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It was the perfect day to run 26.2 miles; a faint breath of wind, a pale April sun, a clear blue sky, a moratorium on public urination.

The pre-race preparations, once I’d arrived at Preston Park (the scene of a whole bunch of  my youthful misdemeanours and drunken escapades I found myself pleasantly recalling) centred around satisfying my basic physical urges  (not that unlike some of those youthful episodes).

Obviously I went to the loo before I left the house.

By the time my dad dropped me in Brighton it was time to go again (I’d spent the last three days taking on extra fluids). The queues for the portaloos were as usual ridiculous and even though the organisers had erected a kind of porta-urinal, I found the immediate presence of a bunch of other people, including the envious gaze of the women queing for the regualr porta-loos ( the thing was kind of en plein air), resulted in a distinct lack of mictuary action on my part.

So I headed off to the bushes; it’s a park! And it wouldn’t be the first time. What was quite nice to see ( not literally, I guess I mean ‘noticed’) was that the female runners had instituted an area for them to use in the bushes, and politely called out to any stray men that wandered in that it was  a chicks only bush ( if you see what I mean).

With twenty minutes or so to kill I went to get a coffee. By the time I’d queued up and been served, I needed to go again. Back to the same bush ( not sure why, plenty to choose from), and then down to the start line.

The actual race went really well. Obviously I needed the loo again pretty much as soon as the gun went, and finally let it go about 6 miles in, on the South Coast road against the fence of  Roedean Girls’ school. Kept a good 4.15 pace up until the last couple of miles when I thought I’d push a little harder and found myself totally out of steam at mile 25. Finished in 4 hours 18. Pretty good.

Hoping to take down my first ultra in Oct.

Got my good friend Ed proofing House of Dreams. Publication coming pretty darn soon, baby!


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