My Kind of Coffee – A $5 shake? That’s a shake… that’s milk and ice cream?

Posted: May 3, 2012 in coffee, crouch end, Writing
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Today I visited the Crouch End coffee bar that boasts the most expensive coffee in London: Jamaican Blue Mountain (I guess they’re not counting that stuff you can buy made from the coffee beans that some Sumatran cat shits out).

My Kind of Coffee is just about opposite the Virgin gym in central CE and has been there for about six months. I’m givng it about the same before it packs up.

It makes a big deal about grinding and selling coffee on the premises and they have a big fat grinder (that’s a machine, not a pejorative term for a waitress or anything) out front as as well as a whole bunch of beans and blends by the bag. The décor is cluttered, cramped and a little schiz; I’m willing to bet that during the meeting with the interior designer the word “eclectic” was thrown about more than a few times. I like the hessian coffee sacks on the walls. I love the photographs of desolate Midwestern diners, parking lots and gas stations (by Marina Ansell, all for sale). I really dislike the weird, uncomfortable union jack upholstered chairs. They’ve also got some kind of postmodern Centre Pompidou thing going on with the ventilation pipes running across the ceiling in full view. The fact that it’s held up with twisty ties makes me think it’s less of a statement of Bauhaus  function and utility and more a touch of “where shall we stick this ugly-ass pipe thing… oh whatever.”

I order a  double espresso of the Jamaican Blue Mountain and £4 ( £3 single). It has a smell I can best describe as complex. It’s not at all unpleasant, with a little orange and oddly, something that I can’t quite put my finger on but that makes me think of Chinese food; maybe they just didn’t wash the cup very well. It actually smells pretty good in a weird way. The taste is a little lemony but still smooth and although I prefer the more biscuity kind of joe, if you like a floral, citrusy espresso, then this seems like a good one.

Oh and they bring a glass of water with the coffee, you know, without you asking. I like that, although I don’t know if that’s just special service you get for laying out on the expensive stuff. To be honest though I was looking at the nice photos on the walls when the waitress brought my coffee, so I’m wondering if the glass of water was just left on the table from the previous customer. Oh well I’ve drunk it now.

Also, five minutes after I sat down the place was deserted. What good is that for a writer who gets all his best dialogue from eavesdropping on all the weirdoes that hang out in coffee bars?

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  2. Paul says:

    I was here last Saturday. I know my Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee rather well, and I have to say that I don’t think it was Blue Mountain at all. It was very bitter, and frankly just completely lacked the taste of Blue Mountain that I’ve previously had in several different cafes around Europe as well as making it myself from the beans I buy online. And if it was Blue Mountain, then their barista has some serious learning to do.

    Seriously disappointed.

    • caljacobs says:

      That’s some serious words,dude. They’d have to be pretty ballsy to make a big thing about selling the most expensive joe in town and then just churn out some old Nescafe. Still, it wouldn’t totally surprise me, the whole set up looked a little hinkey to me. Maybe you can run some CSI style DNA test on it to check it’s bona fides!

    • Feyzan says:

      Hi Paul.just for your information when coffee roast darker bitterness increases. We normally roast medium to dark in our store.may be that’s the reason you found coffee a bit bitter.our Jamaican blue mountain imported direct from Clifton mount estate.if you knew about coffee you would be able to tell whether it is Jamaican. I don’t think you know much.if you are in doubt I could show you the licence and coffee next time.feel free to ask.feyzan

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