Czech it out, baby!

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Writing

Today’s post is coming to you all the way from the city of Prague in the Czech Republic, formally Czechoslovakia. I’m here for a few days with my good buddy Andrew and I’ve already learnt a whole bunch of stuff, historical, cultural and what have you. Turns out I was phenomenally poorly informed about this part of the world; get this, I even had to Czech (ok that’s going to be the last of those), what language they spoke and what the currency was (Czech and Krone). I now know about the soviet invasion, the 1968 hoohah and the velvet revolution, not to mention the infamous defenestrations of Prague- ask me, go on, ask me.

I have dubbed the place a “city of surprises” what with there being another great big fuck-off palace or church or weird statue around every corner. Check these two beauties out:

Jesus and an awesome sunset on the Charles Bridge and a dude pissing at the Kafka museum- this place has it all!

I have taken to using the phrase “a city of surprises” so frequently that Andrew has threatened to stage the next defenestration of Prague with me in the role of persecuted catholic!

I haven’t really checked out the coffee scene yet, although Starbucks is coming in pretty handy for the free wifi and as I don’t speak more than four words of the language I’m a little nervous of ordering a double macch and ending up with a bowl of pig knuckle soup and pint of absinthe. But I guess I’ll work it out. Off to Paris on Tuesday.

In other matters, my debut novel, HOUSE OF DREAMS, is all ready to hit the shelves as a paperback. Proof copies all approved and should be up on Amazon any day now as well as hopefully in a few good local bookshops (that’s local to Crouch End, not Prague).






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