House of Dreams and Big Green Bookshop – it’s love (or at least some tentative groping).

Posted: September 1, 2012 in crouch end, self publishing, Writing
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I visited local indy bookshop hero, Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green the other day and had a long conversation with the chatty Tim, the upshot of which was that they now stock the paperback of my début novel House of Dreams.

Here’s the little fucker!

He suggested the idea of attending one of their writers’ workshops (I would sooner rub pure capsaicin into my bell-end, no offence meant to writers’ groups, they’re just not for everyone) and even mooted the possibility of having some kind of book launch there, which I quite like the idea of although is a little daunting.

Anyone got any experience on that kind of thing they wanna share?

In the meantime, go to the Big Green Bookshop and ask for House of Dreams by Callum Jacobs, and if they’ve sold out, tell them to get more copies in!


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