Ultramarathon. Where do you go next?

Posted: October 13, 2012 in crouch end, self publishing, Writing
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Last weekend I took part in the inaugural Royal Parks Ultra, a race of 50km (31 miles) from Hyde Park to Bushy Park (somewhere near Hampton Court; nope I’d never heard of it before either). 5okm, it turns out, is one fuck of a long way.

It is of course less than 5 miles further than a marathon, but as anyone who has run those kinds of distances will tell you, it’s those last few miles that really hurt. For me it was all fine up until about 47km, but those last 3 were a different story. Hard to credit that ‘just’ 3 km could be so tough, but man, those bastards seemed to drag on.


Still, I took it down in 5hrs 13 mins coming 99th out of 250 that started (163 finished), and it was an awesome day (apart from kms 47-50). It was also the most well organised and supported race I’ve ever done, with fantastic marshals along the way handing out bananas, electrolyte drinks and cheerful words in equal measure.

So, what’s next? A regular ‘thon is gonna seem a little pedestrian now.

In the meantime I’m making fine headway with editing up my second novel, The Geek Manifesto. It’s really, really good. Out hopefully by the end of the year. And I’m writing today back in groovy little Crouch End cafe The Blue Legume, which happily stays open late and has lead me into the dangerous area of ordering a glass of wine instead of a double macch. Can’t see that as being a good trend.


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