So I think this makes me a real writer… or possibly just a c**t.

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Writing
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A couple of days ago I received the first abusive email via my website. This was not the first abusive email I have ever received of course, that would be insane. I have had all kinds of  bile and invective thrown at me over the years by a whole bunch of people for a whole bunch of reasons, who hasn’t? As a literary agent I guess that I get these more than most.

But this was different. This time it wasn’t on behalf of one of my clients, it was down to my own work,

This time it was specifically because of my novel, God Steals Gin.

I won’t reprint the whole email, but the gist was that my book was a pile of crap and I was a cunt for writing it. Actually that was pretty much it. Not a lot to go on.

At first I was a little hurt. But then after a few minutes I decided this was actually pretty cool. Someone had been incensed enough by my writing to take the time to contact me and tell me it sucked.  I don’t suppose the little fucktard had read the book or anything, but still, a reaction like that’s got to show I’m doing something right.

I’m guessing Franzen, Eggers, Self and co. get this kind of thing a lot.


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