My first slam

Posted: March 10, 2013 in crouch end, Writing

Get down to The Great North Railway Tavern on High Street Hornsey on 24 April, and you can see my buddy Callum perform at his first ever lit slam, along with a couple of other local North London authors, Andrew Blackman and Louise Millar.

As a hard-working and dedicated agent, in preparation I have already posted a request for advice on  to help him out, and so far have received the following words of wisdom:

1. Don’t wear a beret or a black turtle neck.

2. Shout a lot.

3. Something about being passionate, making eye contact and generally digging the groove.

And you know what? I’m going to suggest he does all that shit and more.

He’s  going to be reading from his excellent forthcoming novel The Geek Manifesto,

geek manifesto draft

out in just over 4 week’s time.

As a kind of celebration  if you visit the Smashwords site in the next month  and use the voucher code YG27E  you can get a free  e-copy of his first novel, House of Dreams.

Now get clicking those fingers, jazz-cats.


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