A gift from me to you… a literary agent gives it up.

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Writing

It’s not always easy being a literary agent. Yes there are the endless parties, the free lunches, the pharma-grade drugs constantly being thrown in my direction by desperate publishers, but easy? I guess that depends on what you find hard. Take my current premier client, the talented young urban techno fiction writer Mr C Jacobs, He finds writing easy. Well, okay, I asked him this, because to me it seemed like someone who writes a lot probably finds it easy, but what he actually said was that it was hard and painful and some days felt like he was standing on the top of a mountain screaming into a blood-red storm. But that’s writers for you, they can never just give a straightforward  answer.

Anyway, whatever he says I think he finds writing easy. He also seems to find giving stuff away for free easy. I do NOT find that so easy. I find sitting in coffeebars easy. I find sounding convincing when I have little idea what I’m really talking about easy. I find running long distances easy. But giving shit away free?

I tried to explan (again!) the economics of our relationship to him, that I get 15% of anything he sells, be that paperbacks, kindle books, novelty t-shirts with his grinning face on, whatever, and that 15% of free is, let me do the math again, oh yeah ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL!

We went round and round with this discussion for a while and the upshot is, for the next two weeks, starting right now, you can get his brilliant rollercoaster of a novel, The Geek Manifesto, FREE, on amazon to download to your Kindle, right now.


Enjoy; I’m going to be drinking the last of the cooking sherry tonight thanks to these great new marketing strategies. Jeez.


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