I’m back… but I can’t say where I’ve been.

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Writing

So, loyal readers of allthemacchs may have noticed that for the past couple of months my blog has been out of commission. Well now I’m back (obv), drinking coffee, dropping the 411 on where to go to get yours and where to give a little swerve to, promoting my premier client Callum Jacobs’ awesome book and writing, writing , writing.

But I’ve not been idle. I’ve been busy checking out some of London’s grooviest cafes in the most secret locations (deets coming up in next post), fighting the forces of evil that shut me down (and about which I must keep absolutely silent or face a shit-ton of heavy legal juju – well, okay, drop me a line and I’ll probably tell you the whole story), and hanging out in the woods at midnight with a bunch of neo-pagans (true story – all part of  the research for Callum’s next novel).

In the meantime, I have to tell you that my idiot client’s book is currently free on Amazon. How is that gonna make me enough money for white robes and ritual athames, huh?


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