Coffeebar reviews

I visit the coffeebars of North London so you don’t have to.

More  reviews coming just as soon as I get a few goddamn moments to go get me a cup of Joe!

Places are graded on COFFEE, FOOD and VIBE. All scores are out of 5 stars.

Ribeira – Regent’s canal N1

Park Theatre café – London N4

The Towpath Café – Regent’s Canal N1

Chooks -N10

The Grove Café -N10


Harris and Hoole -N8

The Rockingchair Café -N8

The Pumphouse Café -N1

The Honeycomb Café -N8

Peaches Hothouse -Brooklyn NY

Hot Pepper Jelly – Crouch End N8

The Cafe Delmas – Paris 5th arr

Coffee Republic – N10

Sable D’Or – Crouch End N8

My Kind of Coffee – Crouch End N8

Coffee Circus – Crouch End N8

Starbucks – Crouch End N8

Costa Coffee – Crouch End  N8

Cafe Nero – Muswell Hill N10

The Haberdashery – Crouch End N8

The Blue Legume – Crouch End N8

  1. Dash says:

    Such a great site! I will definitely check out some of these Crouch End coffee places 🙂
    (great coffee of choice too, macchiato is my favourite too!)

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