Harris and Hoole – London N8

Occupying the space of global financial shitstorm victim, Clinton Cards, and up and running barely had they shifted the last of the musical flashing hats out the back exit, Harris and Hoole have landed with free coffee, free wifi* and a chic NYC aesthetic.

The place is all exposed brickwork, grey tiles and stainless steel, and I must say it looks great. Plus, they have lots of space and although they’ve gone for the ubiquitous mismatched jumble of chairs and tables, they haven’t just bought the lot from an old church; the chairs are actually mismatched but new… and comfortable. They even have a kind of loungy type space at the back, and bookshelves, so I’m guessing longing and reading is actively encouraged. And if you look carefully you might see a donated copy of House of Dreams.

The coffee

alas is the lemony, slightly sour kind, which although not to my taste, does at least taste of something. The food looks pretty basic, brownies, muffins and the like, which I will try on another visit.

The other minus point is the annoying Starbucks habit of asking for your name when they take your order. I now like to give a different name every time when ever they pull that shit on me, seeing how far I can push it: Mike Hunt is a favourite… “coffee here for Mike Hunt” (try saying it out loud).

*I’m guessing the free coffee is temporary just for the first day or so (unless they’ve developed a bizarre new business model), so get there now. And the wifi is free and doesn’t require a password, although funnily the signal strength is better by connecting to Starbucks next door!

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