Hot Pepper Jelly – Crouch End N8

We don’t really have much of a culture of competitive eating in the UK, but on a recent visit to Crouch End café Hot Pepper Jelly, I was delighted to see a gentle move in that direction.

Hot Pepper Jelly  is a cute little eight table joint squeezed in amongst many others along Tottenham Lane ( nowhere near Tottenham, don’t worry; it’s Crouch End’s main drag). It has free wifi,  charming waitresses ( never seen a dude waiter working there) serves a decent coffee in pretty little cups and a really nice selection of cafe food with an emphais on sandwhiches. But the killer is their signature Hot Pepper Jelly  a combo of bacon, peanut butter and a variety of chilli jams and jellies.

They are a thing of beauty as they are and the hot version is already enough to make you wince a little ( you know, in a good way), but once I’d ordered the already pretty fiery version, I noticed on the menu that they now offer a super hot version called… The Inferno. I couldn’t justify ordering another sandwhich right then and there, but I promise you, Hot Pepper Jelly, I will be back to take down your Inferno!

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