Sable D’Or – London N8

Or the Stable Door as we like to call it. This is one of those Crouch End institutions I mostly like to avoid, like Banners (“Hi can we have breakfast here?” ” Have you got a reservation?” “No, it’s breakfast. Who makes a reservation for breakfast?” – that was about seven years ago; haven’t been back since).

My previous experience of the Sable d’Or is  that it’s a little cramped and I find the wait-staff a little sniffy and it seems to attract a certain kind of upscale CrouchEnder who might look down on someone bringing in a kid that likes to use their straw to blow bubbles in their coke and then make it come out of their own nose.

Anyhow, I went there today with the older of my two children (the one slightly less likely to make stuff come out of her orifices in public) and it was pretty good.

First the coffee (obv.):

Double macch (obv.) which was a little biscuity and strong. Not unlike Rileys.

The decor is actually pretty nice and kind of French rustic farmhouse: holes in the brickwork, unvarnished wooden tables. The space is cramped and about the same size and shape as My Kind of Coffee, but used way better and I guess if you were feeling charitable you could call it cosy (although really, it’s cramped).

As I was feeding a post-swimming lesson 7 year old we also ate and the sandwhiches were good. I had a goat’s cheese avocado and tomato on brioche, which I ordered by mistake but was a good combo; cake with cheese, who knew?

The only other down side apart from the crampiness was the wait-staff. Since I was last there they seem to have got shot of the sniffy French ones and replaced them with uber-fierce Eastern European ones who give the impression that should you ask them to replace a dirty fork or fetch you a little cold milk they would just as readily bludgeon you with a peppermill for your decadent Western airs.

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