The Cafe Delmas – Paris 5th arr.

This post comes to you from Paris, as I wind up my little tour of Europe with my old buddy Sticky.We’ve been recreating out inter-railing trips of the late 80’s and although a little more restrained than the vodka fuelled, three countries-in-a-day, sleeping with the winos outside the Gare de Nord experience we had back in the day, it was a great little trip back to the old days. So we mostly just sat around and ate out at nice restaurants, but you know, I’m forty now, singing Leaving on a Jet Plane  round a camp fire with a bunch of  Dutch kids was just going to be a bit weird. I did get back to Pere Lachaise to visit Jim Morrison’s grave (now sadly sand-blasted of virtually all graffiti and surrounded by Japanese tourists instead of heads, like it was back in ’86) and there was an incident with a very sketchy dude in the back streets of Prague involving three, yes three types of bad drugs, which could have gotten way ugly but managed to remain surprisingly jolly.

I learnt all the words to the beautiful and heart-breaking song Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt, ran a twenty miler around Paris taking in a visit to Rue Emile Durkheim (the only tribute to the great man I could find, sociology graduates take note) running down the Viaduc Des Arts, the Paris version of NYC’s High Line and dodging the hipsters along the Boul Mich.

And I went for coffee  at a very Parisienne cafe: the Cafe Delmas in a stunning little square in the 5th Arrondissment.

It was good coffee, in the way that the standard French coffee is: not too strong and with a good, gently roasted, nutty taste. I managed to swipe a little ecume from Sticky’s cafe creme to make it into a macch and there were some tiny Valrhona chocs to go with it. The place even smelled strongly of jambon cru… at ten in the morning – now that’s French!

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