The Grove Cafe – Alexandra Park N10

Took advantage of the brief respite from the shitting rain to visit the beautiful Grove Cafe in Alexandra Park today. Set in a magical little area in the north west corner of the park, surrounded by pine trees and only marred by all the dogs whose fucktarded owners seem to think everyone likes a slobbering, dog-food reeking animal jumping around and trying to lick their food/child/balls, it is AP’s best kept secret. The Grove Cafe is run by a real-life Italian dude who sings opera and makes good coffee: my macch was so tiny you could barely see it, but strong and like I imagine real Italians have it.

They do good food too: panini, breakfasts etc. The menu is a little quirky and sort of seasonal, doing things like mulled wine in winter and excellent Marine ices in summer as well as a few other random things. The blackboard outside often lags behind the kitchen, so always best to ask. My fave is the oddly named baguette Anglaise with heaps of melted brie and bacon. And they stick olives in everything.

  1. leelee says:

    I also think this is a magical little area, and also used to find the bona fide Italian man charming. So much so that for years I’ve taken friends up there when they visit. However, I’ll not be going back. EVER. Last week I had just cycled up that hill (let’s bear in mind that Ally Pally is one of the biggest hills in London), and found I was out of water. That mean-spirited swine wouldn’t even fill up my bottle of water. He barks at me “I sell water. You can buy some, or pay me £1 to fill up your bottle.” What a charmer.

    • caljacobs says:

      Yeah, that sucks. It would be my fave cafe in the area hands down as the coffee is good and the food too. But a few dogs or a rude Italian dude, and it just ain’t worth the trip. Maybe We should just take picnics up there?

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