The Haberdashery – London N8


The Haberdashery

 is another of those places that is becoming a bit of a Crouch End institution (see earlier comments re Banners!) which considering it’s only been here a couple of years is pretty good going in a place over-run with chichi coffee bars. It’s a favourite of CE’s army of yum mums and today has a steady stream arriving, staying until their kids shriek too much and then leaving to be replaced by the next contingent. You would assume it was called The Haberdashery because it took over a shop formely occupied by a haberdashery, but I’m pretty sure this was a crappy little mini-mart until thses guys moved in. Still I guess “The Crappy Little Mini-Mart” was never going to pull in the same crowd.

The deocor is standard Kath Kidston 1950s kitsch; bleached wood, linen flags, mismatched chairs. It’s done pretty well and manages to look cluttered without feeling too cramped. I normally hate this kind of look but I actually think the place feels kind of nice. They use bowls for coffee instead of cups:

which strikes me as a bit hinky, but you get a lot of coffee and it’s not as annoying as you’d think. They also bake their muffins in tiny flowerpots- no idea why.

I have a latte today rather than a macch and its very good.

I also had one of these:

which as £3.75 is not cheap but it’s a damn good bacon sandwich. Not quite as good as the bacon sandwiches at the Frizzante Café at the Hackney City Farm, which are hands down the best bacon sandwiches in town, but its close.

The highlight of my visit is listening to the cute foreign waitress relating her dream to the owner about hearing some song that she’d never heard before and how it had made her remember something she couldn’t remember and that it had made her feel “funny”* and then after listening to her go through all this for five minutes he said, “ you know what that all means don’t you? It means you’re nuts.”

Oh, and James McAvoy was there (in The Haberdashery, not the cute waitress’s dream). He had a coffee and bought some of the muffins in flowerpots to go- maybe it’s a Hollywood thing.

*I don’t know if her inability to explain this was due to her limited grasp of English, the ineffable and elusive quality of dreams of that she was just a bit retarded.


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